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  "All these years with my photography I've been trying to tell stories, to express admiration or dismay, to ask questions, thinking that I was taking pictures for myself. 

  "But I've discovered that I've been shooting for an audience, wanting to tell an an audience 'look at this, look at this face, look at this place, look at this time.'

Three ways of many.

   "Funny how a fascination with photography over years can add up to a considerable body of work. All those assignments, given and self imposed, have yielded some themes – light and shadow, travel reportage, lives of children, pain of bicycle racers, ballet students, the dignity of trees – always in an attempt to catch a moment of effort, grace, emotion, or to find what is revealing in the face." (from the interview) 

Most of these pictures are available for sale. Prices start at $100. Write for more information.

[Harting works with film in 35mm, 6x6 and 4x5 formats, these days almost always in black and white, in the field and in the studio.]

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An Interview with Bill Harting    
A Minute-Movie by Christopher Harting  

"It started out on film and continues on film because the darkroom is part of the mystery." 

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